Welcome to Read or Die!

Starting a book review blog seems like a logical extension of a love of reading, but the idea never really occurred to me until very recently. I do enjoy telling people about books I’ve read, giving them recommendations on what to read, and that sort of thing, so starting this blog will open a larger community in which to do so.

Since I do a vast amount of reading, I have a fair amount of experience with book reviews, and one of the things that I noticed in going through various book review sites is that self-published and small press published works don’t get a lot of love. In fact, quite a few reviewers flat out refuse to pick up a non-traditionally published novel. I don’t agree with that attitude. I’ve read a lot of indie work in recent years and come across some really good books. Yes, of course there are bad books to be found–there always are, no matter where it’s published. Why limit yourself?

I’m hoping that by giving some attention to the often-overlooked self-published and small press published books I will not only help people to find more good books to read, but also help these authors get some more notice.

If you take a look at my Review Policy page, you might think that the way I’ll be going about my reviews seems a little unusual. My hope is that this style of reviews will a) be something fresh and interesting, and b) give the authors of the books something constructive and helpful to look at. Give it a try, maybe you’ll like it. If you think it’s stupid and terrible, that’s okay, too.

-Read or Die!


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