Under Dark Sky Law, by Tamara Boyens

Today, I’ll be reviewing Under Dark Sky Law, by Tamara Boyens. Here is the cover and blurb:


Xero knows what she wants: absolute rule over Southern Arizona, a cure for the superbug that’s killing her best friend, and a decent bar of soap. Some are easier to get than others. At least, that’s what she thought. To save her friend, she needs antibiotics. Not just any antibiotics: Ketacillin. The dreaded Zaps are dissolving Trina’s lungs, and only the rare medication can save her. No problem: Xero is an expert smuggler. You want it, she ships it. As the ruler of the Tucson Exiles, she works as a double agent, hustling supplies for the government and pumping the desert full of designer drugs on the sly.

With whispers of a full revolution echoing through the desert, Xero questions her uneasy alliances with a shady Phoenix psychiatrist and a roving cyborg mercenary. Especially when Yuma goes kaboom, and her Ketacillin is destroyed along with it. Catastrophe looms, and she finds herself stuck in a complicated web spun from her biggest demons: money, germs, and drugs. As she’s sucked deeper into a net of convoluted schemes to dig up some Ketacillin, she would do anything for a simple hot shower. Who do you have to kill to get some soap? The body count climbs as Xero struggles to protect her friends and stay clean in a very dirty world.

TL;DR Review

Character and Dialogue 18 points
Setting and Description 19 points
Plot and Creativity 17 points
Technical Ability 20 points
Cover and Blurb 17 points
Overall 91 points
  • A very interesting, if not truly likeable main character.
  • Just enough detail about character appearance. Very good description of settings and events. Bloody, brutal action scenes.
  • Surprisingly convoluted plot that kept me guessing, despite a few jarring scene cuts.
  • Near-perfect technical ability, very nicely done.
  • Cover is well done, but doesn’t entirely fit the story. Blurb is interesting, but too long and gives away too much information.

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