Review Requests

While I predominantly read–and therefore will be reviewing–science fiction and fantasy novels, I am open to most genres, with certain restrictions:

1.  I’m not offended by explicit sex, but excessive amounts of pages-long sex scenes in a book are almost guaranteed to turn me off, as it were. Sex that drives the story is fine. Sex thrown in for no reason other than trying to draw an audience is not.

2.   Preaching/Proselytizing. Religion has its place in many books, but if I feel like your book is trying to convert or condemn me, I will stop reading it.

3.  I am not likely to review non-fiction. Sorry.

4.  Bodice rippers, or books with Fabio on the cover just aren’t my thing. That isn’t to say I won’t read a book with a romantic plotline, just that I need more than simply romance. Diana Gabaldon’s excellent Outlander series springs to mind as an example of romance books that I will (and did) read and enjoy.

5.  Humor is the exception to just about any of these rules. If your book is hilarious, I will read it.

Both print and ebook copies (EPUB or MOBI; please, no PDFs) of your novel are welcome. ARCs are fine. At the moment, I will not be accepting audiobooks.

If you have a book you’d like me to review, please fill out the form below with the book’s information. If it looks like something I want to review, I will respond with directions on where to send the book.